SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Education, research, and community service activities will not run smoothly without the support of physical and mental health. FIB UI strives to provide facilities and programs to build mental well-being and physical health of students, lecturers, and staff in the form of organizing mental health counseling and providing sports facilities (badminton, futsal, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, yoga, etc.). We train some capable lecturers to be able to provide mental health counseling for students. We also provide sport professionals to train students, lecturers, and staff.

Number graduating in health professions

Proportion of graduates in health professions

Collaborations and health services

3.3 Collaborations and health services

3.3.1 Current collaborations with health institutions

Have current collaborations with local, national, or global health institutions to improve health and well-being outcomes.Health outreach programmes Deliver outreach programmes and projects in the local community (which can include student volunteering programmes) to improve or promote health and well-being including hygiene, nutrition, family planning, sports, exercise, aging well, and other health and well-being related topics.

3.3.3. Shared sports facilities

Share sports facilities with the local community, for instance with local schools or with the general public.

3.3.4 Sexual and reproductive health care services for students

Provide students access to sexual and reproductive health-care services including information and education services.

3.3.5 Mental health support

Provide students and staff with access to mental health support.

3.3.6 Smoke-free policy

Have a ‘smoke-free’ policy.