SDG 7 : Affordable and Clean Energy

One of the values that FIB UI holds tightly is equality. Discrimination against gender, ethnicity, religion, race, and intergroup (SARA) is not compatible with the life principle of the Indonesian people, namely Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity). There is no difference in treatment between women and men at FIB UI. In fact, the number of female students and lecturers at FIB UI is greater than that of the male.

7.2 University measures towards affordable and clean energy

7.2.1 Energy-efficient renovation and building

Have a policy in place for ensuring all renovations or new builds are following energy efficiency standards.

7.2.2 Upgrade buildings to higher energy efficiency

Have plans to upgrade existing buildings to higher energy efficiency.

7.2.3 Carbon reduction and emission reduction process

Have a process for carbon management and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

7.2.4 Plan to reduce energy consumption

Have an energy efficiency plan in place to reduce overall energy consumption.

7.2.5 Energy wastage identification

Undergo energy reviews to identify areas where energy waste is highest

7.2.6 Divestment policy

Have a policy on divesting investments from carbon-intensive energy industries notably coal and oil.

7.3 Energy use density

7.3.1 Energy usage per sqm

7.4 Energy and the community

7.4.1 Local community outreach for energy efficiency

Provide programmes for local community to learn about importance of energy efficiency and clean energy.

7.4.2 renewable energy pledge

Promote a public pledge toward 100% renewable energy beyond the university.

7.4.3 Energy efficiency services for industry

Provide direct services to local industry aimed at improving energy efficiency and clean energy (energy efficiency assessments, workshops, research renewable energy options).

7.4.4 Policy development for clean energy technology

Inform and support governments in clean energy and energy-efficient technology policy development.

7.4.5 Assistance to low-carbon innovation

Provide assistance for start-ups that foster and support a low-carbon economy or technology.