SDG 6 : Clean Water and Sanitation

One of the values that FIB UI holds tightly is equality. Discrimination against gender, ethnicity, religion, race, and intergroup (SARA) is not compatible with the life principle of the Indonesian people, namely Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity). There is no difference in treatment between women and men at FIB UI. In fact, the number of female students and lecturers at FIB UI is greater than that of the male.

6.2 Water consumption per person

6.2.1 Measure the total volume of water used in the university that is taken from mains supply, desalinated, or extracted from rivers, lakes, or aquifers?

6.2.2 Water consumption per person

Volume of water used in the university: Inbound (treated/extracted water)

6.3 Water usage and care

6.3.1 Wastewater treatment

A process in place to treat wastewater.

6.3.2 Preventing water system pollution

Processes to prevent polluted water entering the water system, including pollution caused by accidents and incidents at the university.

6.3.3 Free drinking water provided

Provide free drinking water for students, staff and visitors (e.g. drinking water fountains).

6.3.4 Water-conscious building standards

Apply building standards to minimise water use.

6.3.5 Water-conscious planting

Plant landscapes to minimise water usage. (e.g. use drought-tolerant plants).

6.4 Water usage and care

6.4.1 Water reuse policy

Have a policy to maximise water reuse across the university?

6.4.2 Water reuse measurement

Measure the reuse of water across the university?

6.5 Water in the community

6.5.1 Water management educational opportunities

Provide educational opportunities for local communities to learn about good water management.

6.5.2 Promoting conscious water usage

Actively promote conscious water usage on campus, and in the wider community.

6.5.3 Off-campus water conservation support

Support water conservation off campus.

6.5.4 Sustainable water extraction on campus

Where water is extracted (for example from aquifers, lakes or rivers) utilise sustainable water extraction technologies on associated university grounds on and off campus.

6.5.5 Cooperation on water security

Cooperate with local, regional, national, or global governments on water security.