SDG 5 : Gender Equality

One of the values that FIB UI holds tightly is equality. Discrimination against gender, ethnicity, religion, race, and intergroup (SARA) is not compatible with the life principle of the Indonesian people, namely Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity). There is no difference in treatment between women and men at FIB UI. In fact, the number of female students and lecturers at FIB UI is greater than that of the male.

5.2 Proportion of first-generation female students

5.2 Proportion of women first-generation

5.3 Student access measures

5.3.1 Tracking access measures

Systematically measure and track women’s application rate, acceptance or entry.

5.3.2 Policy for women applications and entry

Have a policy (e.g. an Access and Participation plan) addressing women’s applications, acceptance, entry, and participation at the university.

5.3.3 Women’s access schemes

Provide women’s access schemes, including mentoring, scholarships, or other provision.

5.3.4 Women’s application in underrepresented subjects

Encourage applications by women in subjects where they are underrepresented. Through university outreach or through collaboration with other universities, community groups, government or NGOs in regional or national campaigns.

5.4 Proportion of senior female academics

5.4.1 Proportion of senior female academics

5.5 Proportion of women receiving degrees

5.5.1 Proportion of female degrees awarded

5.6 Women’s progress measures

5.6.1 Policy of non-discrimination against women

Have a policy of non-discrimination against women.

5.6.2 Non-discrimination policies for transgender

Have a policy of non-discrimination for transgender people.

5.6.3 Maternity and paternity policies

Have maternity and paternity policies that support women’s participation.

5.6.4 Childcare facilities for students

Have accessible childcare facilities for students which allow recent mothers to attend university

5.6.5 Childcare facilities for staff and faculty

Have childcare facilities for staff and faculty.

5.6.6 Women’s mentoring schemes

Have women’s mentoring schemes, in which at least 10% of female students participate.

5.6.7 Track women’s graduation rate

Have measurement or tracking of women’s likelihood of graduating compared to men’s, and schemes in place to close any gap

5.6.8 Policies protecting those reporting discrimination

Have a policy that protects those reporting discrimination from educational or employment disadvantage