SDG 13 : Climate Action

FIB UI is aware that Indonesia is a disaster-prone country. Therefore, FIB UI seeks to educate the academic community to respond to disasters. Some of the activities carried out to build public awareness to respond to disasters include conducting learning as well as research and community service regarding the efforts that can be contributed by local culture in disaster mitigation. FIB UI also completes disaster mitigation facilities and infrastructure such as assembly points and disaster induction videos under the coordination of the Occupational Health and Safety Unit.

13.2 Low-carbon energy use

13.2.1 Low-carbon energy tracking

Measure the amount of low carbon energy used across the university.

13.2.2 Low-carbon energy use

13.3 Environmental education measures

13.3.1 Local education programmes on climate

Provide local education programmes or campaigns on climate change risks, impacts, mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning.

13.3.2 Climate Action Plan

Have a university Climate Action plan, shared with local government and local community groups.

13.3.3 Co-operative planning for climate change disasters

Participate in co-operative planning for climate change disasters, that may include the displacement of people both within a country and across borders, working with government.

13.3.4 Inform and support government

Inform and support local or regional government in local climate change disaster or risk early warning and monitoring.

13.3.5 Environmental education collaborate with NGO

Collaborate with NGOs on climate adaptation.

13.4 Commitment to carbon neutral university

13.4.1 Commitment to carbon neutral university

Have a target date by which it will become carbon neutral according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocols?

13.4.2 Achieve by date

Achieve by Date for achieved prior to 2021 – 4 points

• Date for achieved by: 2021-2029 – 3 points

• Date for achieved by: 2030-2039 – 2 points

• Date for achieved by: 2040-2049 – 1 point

• Date for achieved by: 2050 or later – 0.5