SDG 10 : Reduced Inequalities

One of the values that FIB UI holds tightly is equality. Discrimination against gender, ethnicity, religion, race, and intergroup (SARA) is not compatible with the life principle of the Indonesian people, namely Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity). There is no difference in treatment between women and men at FIB UI. In fact, the number of female students and lecturers at FIB UI is greater than that of the male.

10.2 First-generation students

10.2.1 Proportion of first-generation students

10.3 International Students from developing countries

10.3.1 Proportion of international students from developing countries

10.4 Proportion of students with disabilities

10.4.1 Proportion of students with disabilities

10.5 Proportion of employees with disabilities

10.5.1 Proportion of employees with disabilities

10.6 Measures against discrimination

10.6.1 Non-discriminatory admissions policy

Have an admissions policy which is non-discriminatory or which details and explains the logic for any appropriate positive discrimination policies in admissions

10.6.2 Access to university track underrepresented groups applications

Measure and track applications and admissions of underrepresented (and potentially underrepresented) groups including ethnic minorities, low income students, non-traditional students, women, LGBT students, and disabled students, and newly settled refugee students.

10.6.3 Access to university underrepresented groups recruit

Take planned actions to recruit students, staff, and faculty from under-represented groups.

10.6.4 Anti-discrimination policies

Have anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies

10.6.5 University diversity officer

Have a diversity and equality committee, office or officer (or the equivalent) tasked by the administration or governing body to advise on and implement policies, programmes and trainings related to diversity, equity, inclusion and human rights on campus.

10.6.6 Support for underrepresented groups

rovide mentoring, counselling, or peer support programmes to support students, staff, and faculty from underrepresented groups.

10.6.7 Accessible facilities

Provide accessible facilities for people with disabilities.

10.6.8 Disability support services

Provide accessible facilities for people with disabilities.

10.6.9 Disability access scheme

Provide access schemes for people with disabilities such as mentoring or other targeted support.

10.6.10 Disability accommodation policy

Have reasonable accommodation policy or strategy for people with disabilities including adequate funding.