Student Events

UI Studi Klub Sejarah Career Seminar 2020


The Studi Klub Sejarah of UI (also known as SKS UI) held a career seminar on Saturday, November 14, 2020. The webinar, conducted via Zoom, was intended to share insights about the career world that post-graduate students will face. This event succeeded in bringing together speakers from the SKS UI alumni (History studies program), who work in various fields. The speakers were, Pandji Kiansantang ’87, Patria Ginting ’01, and Tanda Rizki Ghani ‘15 and moderated by Zuhdi Sahrul Ramadhan ‘17.

The webinar, which was attended by more than 46 people, was started with interesting discussion with Tanda, who a recently graduated alumnus. He shared about his current profession as a photographer and graphic designer at Visual Bureau. Uniquely, at first, Tanda did not have any expertise in this field. Driven by his passion for documentation, he learned the skill while still in college. Tanda started by running a simple service of renting cameras in 2015, and he was later able to buy his own camera in 2017. According to Tanda, as students (especially majoring in history) they must be able to understand market developments while having a career in the desired field. For example, during this pandemic, these activities are completely online, so there is an opportunity for children majoring in history to be able to create interesting contents that are published through social media.

The second speaker was Pandji Kiansantang who motivated the History studies program students to be able to compete in society. According to him, a history studies program graduates have various advantages. For example, related to time management, for him, a history major student must be good at managing time. Then,  the students can produce a systematic writing (using time order in writing). Furthermore, regarding the relevance of a past event, students majoring in history must be able to relate past events to current events so that events in the past can be used as a lesson for today’s society. In addition, Pandji also emphasized the importance of historical mindedness, that it is not only enough to learn and write history, but children majoring in history must also be important “figures”. In this final point, Pandji emphasized that as a young people it is important to contribute to the nation, especially regarding employment by  encouraging entrepreneurship.

The last presentation was delivered by Patria Ginting. Uniquely, Patria himself admits that he is not too involved in the field of history, and has even shifted to the field of communication. So that after graduating, he continued his master’s degree in advertising marketing. Even so, according to him, the knowledge he got about historical science, especially historical methods, was considered very important when continuing his studies abroad, because it forms systematic thinking. In addition, he also talked about his career journey, starting from applying for jobs here and there until now sitting as an expert in the Indonesian House of Representatives.


Futuristic 2020: Choose Your Story

Ikatan Kekeluargaan Mahasiswa Inggris (IKMI), or the English Studies Program FIB UI Student
Union held a career talk show titled Futuristic 2020 on Saturday, November 28, 2020, at 19.00-
21.00 WIB. The theme of the talk is "Choose Your Story" as it discusses ways to make decisions
between continuing with further studies or being directly involved in the professional world.
The talk show was held in a webinar format, inviting two alumni of the English Study Program:
Nurani Salikha (English Studies 2015), Copywriter at The Third Company and Juaneitta Tyas
Damayanti (English Studies 2014), Scrum Master at Jenius PT Bank BTPN Tbk who filled the
position of Balqis Az-zahra since she was unable to make it to the webinar. The two speakers
shared their experiences in the career world in copywriting and product management. They also
provide tips and tricks in determining careers for webinar attendees.

In this webinar, the speakers shared a lot of ups and downs of beginning a career journey and
widen the students; views about life after college. From this opportunity, students also realized
that in determining a career, there are many things that need to be considered. For example, if
previously most of us were number-oriented, we were reminded that the so-called benefits in a
job can be more than that.

Several discussions of ethics in work, especially when talking to colleagues of different
generations, also appeared in the talk and helped students to learn how to adapt better. In
addition, the speakers also discussed what to prepare when you are about to begin a career.
Sometimes, we are so focused on hard skills that we forget that mindset, how to communicate,
and the ability to adapt are as important as good performance.
This webinar was attended by 45 participants, all of whom were students of the English Studies
Program from various levels of the generation. With the topic on copywriting and product
management, the enthusiasm of the participants was quite high, as evidenced by the many
questions posed to the two speakers.

This activity is a routine annual agenda inviting various alumni of the English Studies Program
who have successful career in certain fields to share their latest work experiences with IKMI
students. Apart from being a platform for sharing, this event is also a place for small reunions
because alumni can also join as participants.

The Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia’s Career Seminar

The Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia held a Basic Tourism HR Training “Goes to
Campus “on Monday, 13 May 2019 at the UI Convention Center. The speakers were Wisnu Bawa
Tarunajaya, an Assistant Deputy for Human Resources Development at the Ministry of Tourism,
Shahlan Rasyidi, the Head of the Bogor City Tourism and Culture Office, Arif Satria and Denny Farabi