“Revisiting the Legacy of Sutan Sjahrir: ‘Sjahrir is Here’ Workshop Inspires Young Minds”

In a remarkable tribute to Sutan Sjahrir, a prominent figure in Indonesia’s fight for independence, the Faculty of Humanities at Universitas Indonesia organized a workshop titled “Sjahrir is Here” on Wednesday (17/5). The event aimed to revisit Sjahrir’s legacy and explore the enduring relevance of his ideas in contemporary times. The workshop brought together renowned photographer and lecturer, Isabelle Boon, who has extensively studied the cities that were significant in Sjahrir’s life, and Siti Rabyah Parvati Sjahrir, the daughter of the late Bung Sjahrir.

Isabelle Boon, known for her exploration of cities closely linked to Sutan Sjahrir’s life, shared her experiences and insights gained from visiting locations such as Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Linggadjati, and Banda Neira in Indonesia and Leiden in the Netherlands. Her journey provided a unique perspective on Sjahrir’s development as a leader during Indonesia’s struggle for independence. Additionally, three facilitators from the Faculty of Humanities, Dr. Bondan Kanumoyoso, Dr. Hendra Kaprisma, and Dr. Alfian Syahmadan Siagian, enriched the workshop with their expertise. The event was conducted in English to facilitate broader participation and understanding.

The workshop commenced with a presentation on Sutan Sjahrir’s life, shedding light on his contributions and the impact of his ideas. With nearly six decades having passed since his demise, the workshop aimed to fill the gaps in our understanding of the themes Sjahrir championed, including education, freedom, and equality. It emphasized the role of education as a catalyst for social change, drawing inspiration from Sjahrir’s belief in the transformative power of knowledge and intellectual development.

Freedom was another central theme explored during the workshop, highlighting Sjahrir’s unwavering commitment to the pursuit of independence for Indonesia. Participants engaged in thought-provoking discussions on the significance of freedom in today’s society and how it can shape the aspirations of the younger generation. Equality was also delved into in-depth, with participants reflecting on Sjahrir’s vision of a society where every individual is treated with dignity and respect.

The “Sjahrir is Here” workshop served as an invaluable platform for participants to delve into the ideas and legacy of Sutan Sjahrir. By engaging in thoughtful discussions and examining the relevance of Sjahrir’s ideas in the present-day context, participants gained a deeper understanding of the principles that guided Sjahrir and how they can be applied to address contemporary social challenges

As the workshop drew to a close, it left participants with a profound realization that the struggles and aspirations of past leaders like Sjahrir continue to shape the present and inspire future generations. It highlighted the importance of upholding Sjahrir’s principles in striving for a more just and equitable society. The “Sjahrir is Here” workshop, attended by 35 students, provided a vibrant and diverse platform for young minds to engage with Sutan Sjahrir’s legacy and explore its resonance in today’s world.

Following the success of the “Sjahrir is Here” workshop, the Faculty of Humanities at Universitas Indonesia has announced a second session scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 10, 2023. This upcoming event is expected to further explore and amplify the impact of Sjahrir’s ideas, continuing to inspire and empower the youth to embrace the values that define Indonesia’s fight for independence.

The “Sjahrir is Here” workshop serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of Sutan Sjahrir, ensuring that his ideas and principles remain alive and relevant for generations to come.

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