Publication Info: Dissecting History and Problematizing the Past in Indonesia

The Faculty of Humanities Universitas Indonesia’s lecturers and students wrote a 27-chapter
book, titled Dissecting History and Problematizing the Past in Indonesia, that will be published
in April 2021 by Nova Publishers. The editors are Didik Pradjoko, a lecturer and researcher in
Department of History in Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Indonesia, and Dewaki
Kramadibrata, a faculty member in the Department of Literature and the Indonesian Study
Program in the Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Indonesia.

studies on Indonesian history commonly deal with issues revolving around the nation’s politics,
religion, and identity. However, the development of human civilization does not always occur in
merely these three aspects. Other aspects such as technological and scientific advancement are
also factors which contribute to the progress of human life. Unfortunately, it is uncommon for
the academic discipline of history to tackle such issues, especially with a more particular focus
on Indonesia. Dealing with these two major themes may also pose some difficulties. To
understand recent technological and scientific developments, understanding our ancestors’ ways
of survival, cultivation, and belief system becomes necessary. Nonetheless, without using
manuscripts or conducting interviews with local people of a particular place, information
regarding our ancestors’ way of life would become mere stories.
To overcome these obstacles, Dissecting History and Articulating the Past is produced as an
edited volume which explores these issues, particularly in the space of Indonesia. To provide
more comprehensive information, Indonesia’s relation with its neighboring countries such as
Malaysia and Australia is also presented in this edited volume. This edited volume consists of 7
parts, each of which examines particular issues: (1) History of Indonesian Infrastructures; (2)
History and Indonesian Politics; (3) History and Social Issues; (4) History and Transnational
Relation; (5) History and Economics; (6) Religion in Indonesian History; (7) History and

For more information and ordering the book, please access: Dissecting History and
Problematizing the Past in Indonesia – Nova Science Publishers (

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