Public lecture Culture and Speaking English: What Do Learners Need To Know?


Even the best students can find it challenging to express their full meaning in actual conversation in English. This can be because when we speak a new language we draw on the cultural understandings and ways of expressing ourselves from the language(s) we learned when we were very young. However, these can sometimes be very different form those of a foreign language learned formally at school. What, then, do our students need to know about the cultural aspects of a language if they are to avoid misunderstandings?

In this lecture, Professor Lynda Yates (Assoc. Dean International Faculty of Human Sciences Macquarie University) will draw her research and practical teaching experience to consider how we can help our students to more effectively in English. This public lecture will held on Tuesday, July 17th 2018 (09.00-11.00) at Building 1 Room 1103, FIB UI, Depok.

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